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Explore Canada's leading selection of industrial 3D printing materials for end-use manufacturing and rapid prototyping. Forge Labs is your trusted partner for high-detail prototypes and precise production parts. With instant online quotes or expert guidance, get quality 3D printed components delivered across Canada."


Deliver high-quality parts boasting outstanding mechanical properties swiftly and affordably. Renowned for its ability to produce complex geometries, intricate textures, and functional prototypes, our technology stands as the top choice for industries requiring efficient production of intricate parts, spanning automotive components to consumer goods.

High Performance

Discover a cost-effective and versatile solution for crafting robust prototypes and end-use parts, leveraging an extensive array of engineering-grade materials. Our technology excels in producing functional, durable components with simple post-processing options, making it a valuable asset for industries such as automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing, where strength, reliability, and material diversity are paramount.

Empowering Canadian Manufacturing Industries with 3D Printing Solutions


Although additive manufacturing and 3D printing have long played roles in automotive design and prototyping, recent advancements have significantly broadened their potential applications.


Utilizing 3D printing for architectural model manufacturing allows designers to quickly create intricate models using a range of resins and polymers, ideal for trade shows, presentation centers, and client meetings.

Film & Television

3D printing facilitates the swift production of detailed props and set pieces, streamlining both design and manufacturing processes. This technology enables the on-demand fabrication of customized and intricate props, leading to cost and time savings.


3D printing plays a crucial role in medical device design and manufacturing, enabling customization, enhanced design, and rapid prototyping with biocompatible materials. This technology is instrumental in the development of medical devices aimed at improving patient outcomes and quality of life.

Industrial Design

Industrial 3D Printing empowers industrial designers and engineers with rapid iteration through high-quality prototyping and fast turnaround times. This technology enables the creation of complex, functional models using real-world plastics, facilitating comprehensive testing before tooling.


Aerospace designers and engineers are increasingly turning to 3D printing to optimize geometries and reduce part weight beyond previous limitations. By replacing machined parts with 3D printed components, aircraft can achieve reduced fuel costs and enhanced performance.

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