Unlock Innovation with Our Large Format Multi-Material 3D Printer

Print large, multimaterial objects with high-temperature thermoplastics,ensuring no warpage, and achieve speeds up to 10 times faster.

Trusted by 12+ companies and institute of technology around the world

Key Features of Q-Series 3D Printers

Advanced Warpage Control

The printers feature unique technology that enables users to print large objects without warpage.

High-Speed Printing

The Q-Series can print up to 10 times faster than existing machines, with higher resolution and quality.

Innovative Multi-Material Printhead

With a patented printhead, the Q-Series allows switching between four different materials without purging or tool changes.

Precision 3D Vision System

The Q-Series printhead includes a 3D vision system that ensures accuracy and precision of printed parts during the process. This system also provides a comprehensive 360° visual record at the nozzle level, aiding in investigating any issues with printed parts post-production.

Extensive Material Support

These printers support various engineering materials, such as PC, ABS, ASA, PA, etc. They use 1.75 mm filament diameter in spools up to 3kg. The Q-Series support most recyclable material.

User-Friendly Operation

Q-Series printers are designed as user-friendly, turnkey solutions. They simplify manufacturing into three steps: loading materials, pressing the start button, and removing the finished ready-to-use parts. Less steps, less challenges.

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